1980 Honda NC 50 (Express)

So I've cleaned the carb, replaced the throttle cable, and cleaned the petcock. How fast should the gas be coming out of the petcock? A drip or a stream? The bike was starting okay but wouldn't run under load (with me on it) it ran fine on the stand. So i removed the muffler and it seems clogged, so I'm going to clean it out, but I took off driving it tonight with the muffler off and it ran fine, at 27 mph until I slowed down to turn around, about 1/2 mile away, then it died. I got it to run with the choke on, but it would die when I gave it gas, so I had to idle and push it home.

Any ideas on why it would do this?

Re: 1980 Honda NC 50 (Express)

Will Percival /

Usually that is a sign of cruddy gas in the carb.. (at least on mine) Drain the carb using the drain screw and see what the gas coming out looks like... When you had the tank emptied to clean the petcock, some rust could have built up in there and found it's way into the carb. Not 100% sure if that is the cause and solution, but it has happened to me before...

Re: 1980 Honda NC 50 (Express)

Jonas Quimby /

I'd suggest taking a look at


If you really wanna get this bike running well.

To me it sounds like a combonation of crud and malajusted carb screws.

As for the petcock, fuel should flow out very quickly when it's on.

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