For those with 6v lighting systems...

Will Percival /

I've seen people looking for those 6v bulbs and have resorted to paying $3 for a turn signal bulb and $4 for a taillight bulb... Well, go to your local autozone or advance auto etc and look for Sylvania 1129 for turn signal (single element) and Sylvania 1154 for tail lights (dual element). Get 2 bulbs for what your dealer will charge you for one of the same bulb.

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Re: For those with 6v lighting systems...

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Those bulbs are fine for the triangular shaped taillights that require one bulb for both the stop and tail lights (like Motobecanes), but most Puchs and other makes use taillights with separate bulbs for stop and tail lights. Those are the ones you need a 6V5W (tail) and 6V10W (brake) bulbs which are not available at autozone, walmart, etc.

Re: For those with 6v lighting systems...

Will Percival /

Correct! that's why i specified single and dual elements.

"Please read your owners manual thouroughly. Your mileage may vary." =P

For those with 6v lighting systems...

have a 89 suzuki fa50 - have found 6v bulbs in strange places-

try a Marine Supplier, also if you are near a VW dealer or a foriegn auto repair ,oldr VW's were 6v

Re: For those with 6v lighting systems...

electronic supply stores also have them Look thru their catalogs, and you can pick out the wattage, voltage amperage base size and style and they may even have halogen for you. It's also a good source for replacement headlight bulbs that have a plate-type mount instead of the standard bayonet type mount.

You may have to buy 12 at a time, if they don't have them in stock.

Re:6volt bulbs at Wal-mart

It's Good to have a wife that shops at walmart ,While, she's off doing her thing, I'm over in the tools and auto departments.

Super Walmart has them $2.50 each pack and there's 2 in a pack.

just bought 4 packs.

Wow,I didn't Know they cost that much.($4.00)I'll just have to go with the wife again and buy up the rest.

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