Vespa Wont Start?

I have a 1977 Vespa Bravo, I just recently started fixing it up. I took it out on my driveway to see if the engine would turn over, and it tried to start without any gas. So, I tried to turn the gas on to see if it would run. I turned it on and it turned over for about 2 seconds, and then it died. So I tried peddaling again, but the back wheel is stuck...

For some odd reason it doesnt move forward, however it moves backwards. How could I fix this?


Re: Vespa Wont Start?

Push in on the Free wheeling button on the back until it clicks in place. You should be able to push it forward easily then when it is not running. To try to start it again, release the Free wheeling using the lever by the Free Wheeling button.

Your starter clucth shoes springs are missing or are not functioning to pull the starter clutch shoes back to the rest position.

You can also hold in on the decompression lever (little lever on left handle bar) to make it easier to push.

Check your tail light bulb to make sure it is not burned out. It is a dual filament bulb and is wired in as part of the ignition circuit. If it si burned out your engine will die each time you apply the brakes.

Remove your carb and clean it and don't forget the Idle jet. Do a search on Idle jet to find a picture of where it is and how to clean it.

Put in a new spark plug NGKB5HS gapped at .020

Check the oil in the rear final reduction gear. If oil runs out of the access screw it is OK, If you need to add oil use 80-90 wt gear oil.

Use a 50:1 premix or 2.5 ozs of 2 stroke oil to 1 gal of gas.

Re: Vespa Wont Start?

I get most of that, but where is the free wheeling button?

Re: Vespa Wont Start?

Little black button on the left outside of the rear wheel assembly and is reachable without removing the engine covers. This releases or engages the rear wheel so that the ped can be pedaled like a bike. Push it again and it re-engages the rear wheel to the engine drive...

Re: Vespa Wont Start?

Ok, I found the free wheel button, but when I change it back to Engine, it does the same thing... I'm still not sure what it is, it just stops in its tracks, even if it is running, and then its nearly impossible to pedal. I tried holding the decompressor cable (I held it where it nears the decompressor, the cabe broke...) and it still didn't pedal... When I move the wheel backwords, it makes a noise, like it's touching something else, but I can't see it..

Also, do I need a special cable to get to the decompressor?


Re: Vespa Wont Start?

You are going to have to start taking stuff apart to find your problem...I would start with the starter clutch that Zippy was referring to...It is the round item a little larger than a tuna can that sticks out from the left side of the rear wheel...I think the socket is a 13mm and you can hold the assembly to loosen the nut using a oil filter wrench. Hold the assembly with the oil filter wrench and loosen and remove the nut.

Inside there you will find the starter clutches which are little brake pad that are held into the center with little springs. WHen you pedal, they expand to engage the starter clutch and turns the belt that engages the motor.

Be careful when taking this off..there is a little key(half moon little piece of metal) that ensures the proper alignment during reassembly...There is a corresponding slot in the clutch assembly that the key must be lined up with...

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