whats a coil and where does it run from/to? what does it do? are they very different from bike to bike?

Re: coil?

Will Percival /

"Coils For N00bs"

The Coil is what sends the spark through the spark plug.

The coil is attached to your spark plug wire. It is also attached to your points and a condensor (if your bike requires them). They will for the most part be different from manufacturer to manufacturer, but may be the same for different bikes in the same manufacturer's lines.

I woke up too early this mornin... hope that helps =)

Re: coil?

Leon Swarmer /

Will is right as far as he goes, but it's later in the day so I want to add something. The main job of the coil is to take low voltage electricty and kick it up to high voltage.

The spark plug needs high voltage to fire with that gap and compression. On my HOnda the coil takes 6 volt and converts it to

(hmm a guess here) about 15,000 volts. That 's why it stings if you hold on to your plug wire and spin the engine. If it were just 6 volts you'd never feel it.


Re: coil?

Jason Luther /

yet another analogy. the grey transformers on electical poles, with wires coming out of them into your house, are coils.-jason

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