Two Easy Questions

I have had my 1990 Tomos Bullet TS for about a month--it runs fine except for that oh so common problem of stalling at every stoplight. Yes I know to turn in the idle screw--my question is:

If I turn the idle screw all the way in (I have to to stop the stalling) are there any negative side effects? It definitely gets hotter faster, but is it going to do any damage?

Easy question 2: my neighbor suggested adding an engine cleaner additive next time I fill her up with gas (I can see some rust in the gas tank, and I wouldn't be surprised if some gunk and specks of dirt are getting places they shouldn't--it definitely sat for a few years before I bought it)--Is there anything that would be good to use, or should I not because it will jack the engine up?

thanks in advance, this tomos wouldn't be running at all if not for this forum.

Re: Two Easy Questions

Keith Wallace /

I've answered your questions below, but the solution is simple. Take your carb off the ped and clean it very thouroughly. Use carb cleaner and compressed air, and blow out all the little passages to clear up the debris. Then add an inline fuel filter (can find them at lawn equipment repair shops, motorcycle shops, and probably walmart), before you put the carb back on, to keep the flakes of rust and debris out of your carb and keep it running smoothly.

1- turning your idle up too high is burning the gas, and pouring oi/gas into the cylinder all the time= fouled plugs and wasted gas.

2-you can throw in a capful of gas treatment now and then, won't hurt it.

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