82 Express idles way too fast!!

I just took off the carb and cleaned it, and replaced the gaskets because one wasn't sealing.

Anyway, I put it all back together. It starts right up. However, it idles way too high. I even put the air and throttle screws all the way in, no difference. The tire spins like mad.

The throttle cable is tight.

I think I may have put the float set together incorrectly. there is a pin that holds the plastic float thing in place, and then a screw. Does the screw tighten onto the pin that holds the plastic float thingy? That's what I did. I can't find a diagram that shows how it is suppose to work.

thanks guys. You guys really helped me with my Suzuki Shuttle last month, (Bob, etc), and now I'm really getting close to getting this nc50 up and running! It was dirty and hardly running, but with the help of bikebandits, a manual, Ebay and Mopedarmy, she's about to hit the road!

Re: 82 Express idles way too fast!!

Can you take off the air cleaner and use a mirror to look into the carb choke to see where the carb slide is sitting at idle? Maybe the slide isn't coming all the way down as it should. Sometimes a burr can stop it. Or maybe the cable needs to be adjusted to let the slide come down more. Often you think everything's done right only to discover that it isn't. If everything is right on the outside of the carb, then you have no choice but to go back inside and clean and poke again

Re: 82 Express idles way too fast!!

Will Percival /

Also, make sure that when you look in there, that the throttle valve ("slide") is in the right way. The curved cut out looking side should be facing you when looking into it. Also, check your choke valve. Your choke may be stuck open for some strange, godawful reason =P.

Re: 82 Express idles way too fast!!

Bob Milanese /

I have a 1980 express carb problem. Runs fine at idle, but very rich when the throttle is opened. The float valve works fine, all jets are clean. I suspect the auto choke. Canj anybody tell me where I find info that tells me how this system works?


Re: 82 Express idles way too fast!!

Jonas Quimby /

You may wanna try pulling out your throttle cable from the top of the carb, and check that little pin on the end.

The pin is held in place by a C-Clip that can sit in one of 5 grooves. It would normally sit in the middle. Putting it in any of the others makes the bike run richer/leaner.

It's a quick thing to check and might just get you going again.

Re: 82 Express idles way too fast!!

Bill Gerlach /

I realized that the throttle screw was all the way in (like i posted in my original message) and THAT was the problem! I turned it back and it runs fine. Its starts up very easy.

Still can only get it up to 22-24, then it'll bog and hesitate. I took off the muffler and cleaned carb off where it connects. It now gets up to 25 and doesn't bog, but still I can feel the engine change. I think the muffler itself is clogged. Can I put this on a GAS grill for a few hours? Don't have a fire pit.

Re: 82 Express idles way too fast!!

What I have done in the past is get a can of "sea foam" its basically Top End Engine cleaner. It comes in an old metal can, you can get it at napa. It destroys carbon. Pour some into your muffler, let it set for 20 minutes, then either put it back on the bike and get it hot that way (by letting it run) or take a propane torch and heat it over and over, it should start to smoke bigtime as the carbon burns out.

Re: 82 Express idles way too fast!!

Bill Gerlach /

Looking into the carb where the throttle valve goes in, the curved cut out is facing me. It looks like I'm looking at a bridge, if that makes sense.

When you say that the choke valve may be stuck open, what exactly do you mean, and how do I check?


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