1977 Negrini needs help

Hello All,

I am new to the moped seen. I just picked up a project bike (1977 Negrini) and need information / parts.

I am not sure of the model, but it is just like one of the Negrinis shown in the photo gallery (http://www.mopedarmy.com/photos/brand/32/627/). Can somebody please tell me which model this is?

This moped has a Morini Franco Motori engine on it. I will be needing a Magneto, Carb and Exhaust Pipe for starters. I could also use a repair manual and wiring diagram.

Any information, suggestions, or links would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,


Re: 1977 Negrini needs help

John Maggio /

Hi Curt, I think we have the same moped. I need parts for mine and I'm having trouble locating them. I was wondering if you had any luck finding a dealer that carried parts for your moped. If you have any info that you can pass along, I would appreciate it. Thanks, JM

Re: 1977 Negrini needs help

Curt Morgan /


Finding Negrini-specific parts is nearly impossible, but I've found that most parts are common to other brands.

For instance...I needed control levers. You're not going to find Negrini controls, but many bikes used the Magura-brand controls. Most electrics on our mopeds are made by CEV, and they are widely used.

Most of my troubles have come from rebuilding my motor. Again this motor is not specific to Negrini mopeds. It is a Morini Franco MO-2 and it and other motors similar to it were used on many different mopeds.

I am about to order a fuel petcock from Mr Moped. They have a listing for a Morini petcock that sounds like it will fit my moped.

What parts are you looking for?


Re: 1977 Negrini needs help

I'm looking for rear break shoes for a Negrini...if you come across any, please let me know.


Re: 1977 Negrini needs help

I may have some magneto parts that might work for you off of an old Garelli motor. I think they both used the CEV setup. I will check to see what I have got sitting around. Its been a while since i looked at either, so I may be wrong.

If you have the intake, you are in luck! The carb is a Delorto 14-12 usually with a 49 or 50 jet (widely available on eBay for cheap) If you do touch the intake, be careful with the Bakelite spacer, they break very easily and are irreplaceable. I had to chop a cooling fin to make mine fit without the spacer. I think the head gasket is a lead-coated copper and the base gasket is paper. The head gasket is probably reusable as long as the lead doesn't flake off too much. I took a photo of my base gasket when I had it apart and made a template in Photoshop. I can send you the file if you need to make a gasket. Its probably best to leave it alone for now. Do you have an exhaust at all, or is it just in bad shape? If you have one I would start trying to get it running as is. Better to put money into nice things when it is running. There is always the possibility of having crank case leaks which may require hard-to-find parts to be found.

I'm willing to help any way I can. e-mail me if you have any questions.


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