Sachs trans burning? --HELP!

Donald Wilson /

I have a 1980 Columbia Western Flyer... Sach's Engine (505 I beleive... not at home as I post this).

I drained the trans fluid, and resealed the cover on the trans housing (remembering to keep that little gap open... I don't understand why that's there), filled it with ATF Trans fluid (the book says Type A... Every powersports, car and motorcycle shop had no idea what type A meant, and the car shops said to use regular ATF)

It seemed to behave fine.... but when I got back home from a trip to the pool (4 miles out, hour and a half there, 4 miles back) there was a wee bit of smoke/steam from the Trans, and a dribble of fluid form the aforementioned gap... and the colour of the fluid dribbling out, and through the entire trans when I poured some out... was like chocolate milk.

Whats wrong with my moped? Please don't tell me I need an entire trans... If I do, Is 1977mopeds going to have them, or need I order form an online shop?


Re: Sachs trans burning? --HELP!

Ben Van Zoest /

You may have too much transmission fluid my book said Type F, at Walmart for 2$ Don't remove cover instead unscrew grey plastic filler plug. Lay on it's side and drain. Refill until it drips out hold moped vertical and refill about or a little less than 1/3 quart.

Re: Sachs trans burning? --HELP!

Jake Van Order /

yeah, what he said.

you could take off that cover to completely get out the chocolate milk. Then refill with type F.

Good luck.


Re: Sachs trans burning? --HELP!

Garret Rassulo /

My tomos is supposed to use that strange type A fluid, ive used regular dexron 3 with no problems, you could also use type F, i think its a little heavier, if the hole your talking about is on top, it may be the transmissions air vent, if its on the side or bottom, seal it up, unless the shop manual tells you not to, i dont see why there would be a hole in the bottom or side of a case, except if you were missing a filler screw or somthing. the "chocolate milk" condition of your fluid indicates there was sludge and possibly water in your transmission, when trans fluid hits water, it turns to muck like that.


Re: Sachs trans burning? --HELP!

The milky stuff that is coming out is usually what happens when you mix water and oil. you get a strawberry qwick looking mess when you get water in a tranny.

It may be rust build up from you plates, especially if you haven't run it in a while. So like others have said- lather, rinse repeat. Drain the old and flush it with new.

As for the transmission fluid debate, sachs says to use type F, handybikes tells you to use dextron. Use what you want. The dextron is a little more abrasive, but that's it. It will all work fine, as long as you DON'T USE Oil, brake fluid, water, hydraulic fluid, or anything that isn't for transmissions.

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