Puch Maxi Questions

Christopher Riddick /

I have a 1980 Puch Maxi 2-speed, that I'm trying to fix up.

A few of questions....

1. Is there a way to remove the tickler cap so I can soak the carb? Does it just pop off?

2. When I removed my magneto cover, there were two screws missing. There was some rust around the magnetos. Is there a gasket that needs to be behind that cover (as well as the addition of the two missing screws)?

3. Do I need to replace the air filter? It's the non-cleanable type.



Re: Puch Maxi Questions

Jason Luther /

are you talking about the screws that hold the cover on? or something inside? there isnt a gasket, just clean the rust off with a little wd40 sprayed on a piece 220 grit sand paper, and then wipe off the wd40. unless the filter is super dirty and clogged, you shouldnt need to replace it. if you think its clogged take it off for a minute and see if the ped runs better. if you do need one, <www.mopedwarehouse.com> has them for pretty cheap. hope this helps.-jason

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