1976 batavus VA

Hey, where can I get parts for my VA? It seems that batavus parts are a little tricky to come by... I need a gas cap, I'd like a set of turn signals, I'm mildly interested in a seat that I saw on the rear luggage rack in an original ad, and I need a new petcock (who doesn't?).

Also, I need to get it titled... does anyone know how likely it is for the DMV to title the thing with only a receipt as proof of sale? any advice? I'm in PA, but I assume the process is similar everywhere titles are required.


Re: 1976 batavus VA

Ned Renner /

Parts are tough.. Moped Junkyard has some but charge high prices. I ot a petcock out of a guy in Ohio but can't find him on the web anymore. It it perhaps just clogged? As I recall, the threading into the tank was very fine and that prevented my adapting anything but an original. Trak mopeds are a modern knock-off of the old batavus designs, but that does not insure that everything will fit. Their drive belts for instance have the right no. of teeth but are a bit too short for the Laura 56 engine. There may be more crossover if your bike has the Laura 48 motor. Good luck, I will post if I ever find a decent parts supply.

Re: 1976 batavus VA

I have tank with good petcock for this Bat VA

And other Batavus parts as well.

E-mail me for details.


Re: 1976 batavus VA

I am very interested in buying some 1976 Batavus Va parts. First of all what do you have. Do you have a full engine you would be willing to sell. How much? Thanks,

-Adam Zich

P.S. I would have e-mailed you but I couldnt get your E-mail Address to work.

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