express leaking gass


so my express has been running fine then all of a sudden it starts leaking gass from the drain port on the carb

i didnt notice the puddle under it till we got out of this rain spell we have been under

so the last two days has been especialy bad running all the way out of gass once

here is what i did to try to remedy it

changed out the drian screw for another used one only the one i put in has the rubber ring aound it which the other one didnt..... so i thought that might have been it

but it still leaks..... and weer talking at least on drop per second

so then i though the needle wasnt plugging the gass inlet hole or somehow the float wasnt moving up to push the needle up

so i switched the float out with another used float and it leaked more then

i can get it started once i totaly drain the carb bowl

also i have a bad petcock so i have to clamp the hose down with a clamp wrench when im not running it

what do you think i can do about this mess?

this is my only transportation


Re: express leaking gass

Will Percival /

Iv'e had the float in mine actually fill up with gas and therfore wouldn't float. I wound up with the problem you have now.

You have changed out the float... did you remember to re-install the needle valve? If so when you pull it apart, check the rubber tip of the needle valve and make sure it looks pointed. Also check to see if it is still soft. A hard tip on the valve might not allow a good seal. Check and clean the port that the needle valve seats in. Debris or buildup could be hindering the valve from sealing.

Re: express leaking gass

Jesse James /

hey will

thanx for the help

well i am looking to buy a new float and needle and petcock

the supply store i order from charges alot for the parts

he says around $20 for the float, $15 fot the needle and hes looking up what the petcock will be

i am bidding on one on ebay right now thats already up to $20

i hope i can get this fixed for reletivly cheap

what would be the next step if these things are not the problem?

i hope i dont hafto get a whole new carb because i am very weary on buying ebay stuff

i will double check the seat that the needle sets in now .... i just hope thats the prob

any more help would be greatly appriciated


Re: express leaking gass

Will Percival /

That's the beauty of these 2-stroke carbs, there isn't alot to them, so the above should fix a fuel leaking problem.

Re: express leaking gass

Hey Jesse,....I have a '78 express,... I also have the float and needle u need.....Brand New In original honda packaging......I bought 2 of each of them ahead of time when i got my tax check......I'll sell you them for alot less than the parts store wants. Holla at me.......Filley a.k.a.

P.S. As for the petcock.......Good Luck...

Re: express leaking gass

dude, if he dosnt want them, ill buy em from you.

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