Puch 2 speed trans (repair?)

Hi, is it hard to repair the transmission of a Puch Magnum 2 speeds ?

I found i clean Magnum II, motor start Very easy. On the first speed everything is ok, but if i slow down little bit and give gas after, the transmission fall to Neutral !?!?

Samething if i didn't have a second speed gear....

I need to whait the motor run at idle speed and the clutch engage first gear and it run !?

I change the trans oil, i put type F.

The old oil was brown and thick.

Can you help me ?

Re: Puch 2 speed trans (repair?)

try holding in the clutch until the 2nd speed engages. I had unevenly worn clutches and it did that, it's also possible the tab-washer on the clutch cover has come un-tabbed and spins freely.



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