Sammy Gayison /

i'm trying to fix up my old moped, its a 78 sears free spirit and it has a couple minor problems.

first off it needs a new throttle cable. could i just use a bike brake cable?

secondly it need a new gas line. could i just go to the store and get some rubber tubing?

you help is very apprecated.


Re: help!

Ned Renner /

Probably not on the throttle cable, The cables on most peds have fixed lead end stops and must be an exact fit,

For fuel line, it must be "fuel line". Plastic line will stffen and leak with fireball results.

You have a cool bike but will need to study up to bring it to full performance.

Re: help!

Gregory Mcintire /

For throttle cables I use bicycle shifter cables. They are usually the same gauge as moped throttle cables. Brake cable are usually much heavier than you want. You will have to fashion and solder on the appropriatete ends though and of course cut them to the correct length.

For fuel line you can use regular automotive fuel line which is neoprene I believe. Plain old rubber will soften and swell within a few hours.

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