Wgats the best thing to use to clean my gas tank?

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Hi, If theres been posts about this in the past 3 months, you'll have to forgive me, I hav'ent been here for a while, I've had too much going on. But before I left, I read posts about cleaning tanks and someone said somthing about BB's and Brick Cleaner or somthing like that. My motobecane is a step-thru so I can't take the tank off to clean it out with BB's, so whats the best cleaner to use?



Re: Wgats the best thing to use to clean my gas ta

Behr's Concrete Etcher = Phosphoric Acid = good.

However, just using acid is a temporary fix. If you want to prevent it from rusting again, you need to line the tank with Kreem or Por-15...Kreem kits contain all you need to clean, etch, then line your tank. A pain but worth it in the long run, I would say.

Re: Wgats the best thing to use to clean my gas ta

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If you use the "Behrs" method (use the search function to read about the process) and top off the tank with gas/oil mixture after you're finished riding for the day, the rust will not reappear. If you leave the tank partially filled for more than a week or so, flash rust will form again in the tank. I have never had to use a Kreem kit on any of my bikes since I always keep the tanks topped off on all of my peds.

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