one spark, no start.

i am getting one spark every now and then but it wont start.

bad starter coil? what would cause this? carb is getting fuel.

what should i try?

this is an express sr

Re: one spark, no start.

Casey Halone /

im all out of ideas and pretty frustrated with this bike. it was running fine last week. what ever could it be?

Re: one spark, no start.

James Foster /

I'm not familiar with honda's scooter engines, but a similar problem happened to my puch moped. The problem was that the point was bad, and I replaced that along with the spark plug cap. After that it ran fine, but I don't know if that is the same problem with your's.

My advice is check and clean the spark plug, check the spark plug cap, look at you're point and see if it has any burnt spots or if it needs cleaning. Once you're done with that, take out the spark plug, put it in the cap, and set the threaded end of the spark plug somewhere on the engine block. Then crank the engine and see if you get a few sparks, or a lot of sparks. If you only get a few, it could be one of these problems:

You're spark plug is badly worn.

The spark plug cap is bad and is not getting good contact.

The spark plug cable is not giving enough power to the spark plug.

The ignition coil is old or worn out.

And/or, the point breaker is either very dirty or worn out.

It could be one or a combination of these problems, but like I said i'm not familiar with honda's engines.

Hope this helps,


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