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Is it possible for an auto choke (electric choke) to be stuck closed, or in the start position? I have a scooter that will start but when you open the throttle all the way up it dies. I took the choke out and messed with it, and was able to open the throttle all the way without it dying. But when I put the choke back in, it still wouldn't work. Thanks

Re: auto choke

those things can go bad, when they do it is a real pain in the ass. Is the bike electric start? If it is watch the choke and see if it moves when you try to start it, those things can be expensive to replace, but if you are confident it is possible to remove it and go choke less

Re: auto choke

See Ya Moped Army /

My '85 Honda Elite 250 has what's called an autobystarter, not a choke. When you key the ignition, a needle lowers and richens the mixture and then retracts as the motor warms up. Usually, they get stuck in the retracted position, but it's quite possible that the needle is not retracting. I replaced mine for around $70 last year.

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