honda express brake wire problem

the wires in the brake switch have come out so now the brake light doesnt work right so i wonder how i can get the wires locked in to stay there so i wonder if anyone knows how to do it or if they have a scan of the manual for the brake switch. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: honda express brake wire problem

Will Percival /

The the wires to the brake switches on my '80 are soldered in, as should yours be.

To remove the switch from the brake lever, remove the screw at the lever's pivot point and remove the lever. The switch itself should slide out now that the lever isn't in the way.

The switch itself comprises of 2 copper contact leaves, a piston, a spring and a retainer. The wires should be soldered to the 2 copper leaves. To be able to resolder the wires on, you'll have to completely disassemble the switch. This in itself may be too much trouble for you, but if you need help re'assemling the switch, lemme know. =)

Re: honda express brake wire problem

Scott Joyce /

yes will i found that i must take the switch apart but i was unable to figure that out, could you inform me on how to take it apart

Re: honda express brake wire problem

Will Percival /

OK, there are two little "tangs" on the sides. You will have to push those in and slide the guts out. I did this using a small eyeglass screwdriver. Just be careful that you don't lose any parts when you slide the guts out. I spent 25 minutes looking for a peice that went flying because of the spring in the thing =P.

BTW, you can get the switch and wiring at partsfish for about $12 if you'd rather go that route.

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