Honda Express Problem

So I'm new to this Honda Express ... and I got it running a-ok with the choke on... but once I get over 10-15 it drops power extremely. When I switch the choke lever back ... it runs extremely low power and dies if I give it any gas. What would be causing this?

I went ahead and tried a new spark plug ... when I got back - the damn thing wouldn't start anymore! Not even with the old plug! I rode it around for like 30 minutes and it ran the whole time... what the hell?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


Re: Honda Express Problem

well to me that sounds like you need to clean your carb, possibly turn the gas cap to the on position and if you did maybe clean it out so that it can properly vent the gas tank, but i believe the problem is fuel delivery you are not gettin enough fuel because when you give it throttle the excess air kills the engine. so if it was me i would clean the carb and make sure that enough gas is even running to the carb maybe the gas line is clogged. or maybe the fuel filter is too dirty. but pretty much just clean out all the fuel system. now i have a question do you know how to reconnect the wires to the brake switch i cant get them to stay locked in the switch and i dont know how to work on that.

Re: Honda Express Problem

Thanks so much for the comment. I'll give that a shot tomorrow - I cleaned out the carb before I gave it a start ... but maybe I didn't do it well enough.

Stay locked in the switch? Mine are like M/F connectors that slide together with a rubber piece over them... they don't come loose on mine ... maybe try crimping them?

Re: Honda Express Problem

Jonas Quimby /

You might wanna take a look at the guide I put together not long ago.

Specificly the part about fuel as well as final running adjustments.

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