carabella wiring problems

Garret Rohwedder /

i have a 1978 carabella moto-matic that i got from a guy that tried to fix it but messed the wiring up on it and i dont know how to route the wiring. the light works, but the horn dont and to drive it legally in Minnesota you need a horn and i need this to get to and from my summer job. if anybody has any wiring diagrams, manuals, or any thing else, id really appreciate it.



Re: carabella wiring problems

this is from a 1979 moto matic factory workshop manual


Re: carabella wiring problems

Leon Swarmer /

buy an air horn from the sporting goods store . they are louder and don't need wires.


Re: carabella wiring problems

Garret Rohwedder /

thanks alot i really apreiciate it!

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