1967 allstate (puch)

I am looking for any place to purchase parts for my 1967 sears allstate (puch). I need a front brake cable,...front and reaer brake shoes,...and a few other misc. parts....ANY info would be very much appreciated. P.S. i tried all of the places listed on this site.......no luck.

Re: 1967 allstate (puch)

Jason Luther /

did you try cosmopolitan motors? <www.cosmotor.com> i think thats the url. youll probably want to email them, since they dont have everything listed on their site.-jason

Re: 1967 allstate (puch)

Charles Bodden /

Your in Luck!!

The place you will find many of these parts is:


New Motor West

3211 W. Senator Ave.

Milwaukee WI 53216

Phone: 414-875-8787

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