Columbia doesn't want to slow down

I have a Columbia Commuter from 77 that doesn't seem to want to slow down. The throttle cable was slipping out of the handle grip but once that was fixed the problem was still occouring. It seems as though the line is getting interference somewhere but I can't seem to locate it. When I rev the engine the line does not recoil. Please help.


Re: Columbia doesn't want to slow down

Get a new cable, if you have Sachs engine- use Sachs cable.

Or use the universal cable.

or ikesbikes

I have one Comutter like yours- yellow one.

They sold zilion of those in Mass because Columbia factory was in Mass, some guy from Ohio bought all the sachs parts when they closed.

They made smart choice with Sachs engine but save money on hardware- control cables do not have adjusters at all.

You can put one.


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