motobecane head gasket

my 1980 moby 50v keeps blowing head gaskets. any ideas? also, it used to run and idle great but then i cleaned the carb and now it won't idle at all. it seems to keep getting worse and worse. ???

Re: motobecane head gasket

Gregory Mcintire /

If your cylinger head bolts are not stripped, i.e. you can apply the proper amount of torque to them, it sounds like your head and/or cylinder top is not flat. Take the head off and lay a piece of 600 grit sandpaper on a piece of plate glass, rough side up. Now lay your head on the sandpaper and stroke it accross it. You will be able to easily see if it is flat. If its not, keep stroking across the sandpaper till it is. You may want to use 400 grit first if it is really bad. Do the same to the cylinder top surface.

As far as the carb is concerned, it sounds like you need to redo it, carefully, observing all parts and studying what everything does. There are many things that you can do wrong so it is impossible to know from this end. It may be helpful to use a manual that has a picture of the parts if you are not familiar with how it all goes together.

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