odometer broken

Andy Goodell /

I was going for my first ride more than a mile, and after coming down a long hill the speedometer cable snapped. The end that goes into the speedometer broke right near the end, so I don't think there's much I can do to fix it.

I haven't bought any parts yet, so I'm not sure where to get them. Where do you guys get parts, or is it too hard to find the exact parts you need?

This is for a 1982 AMF Roadmaster



Re: odometer broken

Travis Hill /

I had the same thing happen to a scooter I have. It's going to sound crazy but I was able to fix it. I was able to drill out the end that goes to the gear on the front wheel so that I could make threads in it. Then I threaded the cable on to it as if it were a screw. I put it in and it would've worked by the speedometer spins counter clockwise and basically unscrewed the end from the cable. So I put some super glue in the end and threaded the cable into it. 2 days later I put it in and its been working fine for 900 kms now!

Told you it would sound crazy.

Re: odometer broken

Andy Goodell /

My brother and I were looking at it, tried drilling but no go. Ended up cutting off the end, soldering a small tube over it to put it back together, and shrink-tubew the end of the casing back in place. I just rode down the street and its working again, but who knows how long that will last. :(

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