'crunchy' rear brake

Hey guys,

my rear brake handle is acting up, when I pull on it its kinda... feels like it is rubbing against something, but I cannot tell where, it also does not return correctly, have to give it a light flick to get it back out... where might it be rubbing at?!?! I cannot seem to find the cause...

thanks in advance,


Re: 'crunchy' rear brake

Keith Wallace /

Most likely your cable is binding/fraying/sticking. Replace the brake cable, or take it off, hang it up, and run some lithium grease through it. Your return spring in the handle may be busted/rusted/stuck, or the return spring on your brakes themselves may be sticking. try and isolate the area the problem is coming from with your bike on the stand. Watch the rear brake, and if it seems to be moving freely, check/replace the cable and/or the return spring.

Re: 'crunchy' rear brake

I know the return spring (on the handle) is broken, anyone have a pic of how it supposed to go?

The brake cable is brand spanking new... will try lithium grease on it.

thanks so far guys

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