just die

ok ive got a suzuki fa50 for nothing it just not work for five years .

so i take big precaution before to start it

change fuel

change oil

change transmission oil

CLEAN CARB with (acid for carburetor)

clean up motor

clean the rest

some part are mising..(not the problem)

when i just want to start it it run very well and i go with it for a little ride of 30 min

but here is the prob ......now when i start it it run great again but when i want to go.....it just die......

what is the trouble.....

(if possible can someone told me what are the air and fuel screw adjustemen...(like huuuuu 1 turn 1/2...u know what i mean..)

hope it will work again

thanks for help

Re: just die

Keith Wallace /

There are a few possibilities-

first, put in a brand new spark plug if you haven't already.

Check your gas tank and petcock for rust- flakes could be leaking into your carb and gumming it up. You have to take apart the carb and clean it extremely well with carb cleaner and compressed air, especially if it's been sitting for a long time. Get some new fuel line and an inline fuel filter to keep the particles out of your carb, and replace the petcock if it needs it.

Check to see if your gas cap vent is clogged- when it starts to die, open up the gas cap and see if that helps. If it does, clean out the tiny hole that vents your cap.

The aveage for most idle screw adjustments is between 2-2 1/2 turns out. Set the idle with the bike on the stand and a warm engine. It should be just high enough to keep it from stalling.

Your compression could be low- check your compression, it should be above 120psi. Lack of compression could be from an air leak, or worn piston or rings.

If you cleaned the carb with acid, did you replace all the rubber or paper gaskets that would be in there? Did you take out the jet, and blow compressed air through it, and all the little air passages?

Is your choke opening and closing properly?

Did you clean the points?

Check out Fred's guide in the articles section of this website for details on how to get your ped running in top shape.

good luck!

Re: just die

Joe Mobb /


i ust saw now a gaz leak from intake ...mabee the gazket

tank have no rust carb is all on but i made something i was not suposed to do .....i try it on whitout air filter mabee it scrap it?

Re: just die

Keith Wallace /

Yes- you need the airbox to prevent your ped from getting to lean of an air/fuel mixture, causing it to seize. Take off the exhaust pipe, and look in the exhaust port at the piston (use a small flashlight), and see if you can see any score marks. If not, you should be okay. Pop that air filter back on there, and check out that fuel leak in the petcock- you can usually get a new one for $15-$20 if it can't be fixed.

Here is freds guide

Re: Here is freds guide

Joe Mobb /

well i think i find the trouble but i dont know about solve it my carb send gaz to the air filter.....

Re: Here is freds guide

Joe Mobb /

okay here is some info..

i clean again the carb very very very well then i loock at the piston..it was like a new one and the cylinder too

i change the spark plug

look the fuel pomp it was okay

then i clean the air filter

thennnnn i start............again it dies

so i start it again and let it run to slow for 15 min then when i give fuel it take it as a brand new one ...mabee something have been replaced turning to slow!!!

thank u all for the help u gave me!

now i just have to fix it all beautiful and pouet pouet pouettttttttttttttttt

Re: Here is freds guide

Keith Wallace /

Yeah- two strokes need to warm up before you can rip on that throttle- I hope you have the problem solved for good. I always start my ped, then take my time putting on my gear- a good 5 minutes on the stand always makes it run better- especially if it hasn't been started in a while or in cold weather.

Re: Here is freds guide

Joe Mobb /

no it's not because it was not warm because i was riding when it start this trouble but i think that something just have been replace in motor..

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