Puch 'lumpy' throttle problem


I'm new to the site, but have been coming to read posts for a while now ever since I got interested in buying a Puch. I have had one now since January, and it has been great.

However, age is taking toll and the other day the 33yr old Puch snapped its throttle cable.I managed to get hold of a NOS cable which went on fine, or at least I thought so.

After putting this on I climbed on and started it up; it seemed to idle fine. However, after a little wash and a trip down the road I found that the Puch had 'developed' a little problem.

The Puch ran fine for a while and then developed a 'lumpy' throttle as I ran further down the road; i.e. when the throttle was applied the acceleration became lumpy - like a sort of burping. After a while when the throttle was released, it would just stall. However, after a bit of pedalling it would get going again and idle fine again....It's left me a bit perplexed.

I took off the carb and checked the float and everything seemed good and hardly worn. Although I did find a bit of water at the bottom of the bowl, which I cleared. The passages were good and certainly not blocked. The throttle cable seemed fine. I checked the fuel by running it into a jar, and it was nice and clear, with no sediments.

I'm wondering what I might have done wrong - it is admittedly the first time I have opened up a carburettor (although not my first engine), and the first time I have fitted the throttle cable to this Puch. If anyone has any bright ideas, please, please contact me as I am dying to get going again.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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