1980 puch wont start

well in another post i said it was fouling plugs and didn't start

when i got it to start one day for 10 minutes the plug was toast

now its acting like its not getting fuel ill start it and it will run fir 3 seconds then dies

after that ill start it and it will just pop

so i opened the petcock and found that the screens are clean but the gasket with the 3 holes in it was looking really bad. it was all decayed and falling apart

so now i need another fuel-valve before anything else

so ill go to the buy/sell form now

any other ideas on whats wrong?

oh its a 1980 puch maxi luxe one speed

Re: 1980 puch wont start

kinda sounds like your timing is off, with the popping noise your getting.

Re: 1980 puch wont start

Did you check the screen in the carb fuel inlet?somtimes that gets clogged.

Re: 1980 puch wont start

that little screen was a pain to clean so i took it out and got a good $20 fuel filter


ok i just cleaned the carb. 3 times and got a new plug

but still nuthing

this is pissing me off

i want to ride

all i did was install a fuel filter

now it wont run with or without a fuel filter



maybe fuel flow resriction. do you happen to put the inline fuel filter on backwards??

arrrow has to be facing down towards the carb.

just an idea.


its on correct


First, determine if fuel is flowing to the carb. Take the fuel line off the carb. and turn the fuel on. Does it flow through and go all over the place? If not change the fuel line or the petcock. Something might be clogging it up.

Second, determine if fuel is getting into the float bowl and the carb. Depress the tickle until the fuel starts over flowing out of the bowl.

Third, determine if fuel is entering the cylinder. Is the spark plug wet after you try starting it. If so, fuel is getting there.

Fourth, determine if you are getting spark. Remove spark plug, place it in the spark plug cap. Make sure on/off switch is on run. Hold the rubber part of the spark plug cap (not the metal or you will get a mean shock). Have some one engage clutch and try and turn the engine over. Look and see if you get a good spark. If it is weak or sporatic, change the spark plug and try again.

Re: 1980 puch wont start

I've have some ped carbs, that wouldn't run w/out that little screen,also,see if you can start it without the gas cap on.also check since their right there, your coil wires that are connected

As Paul said check your points

to see if their sparking/or need replacing , pull the side cover off and have someone peddle it on the kickstand w/ the clutch engaged(or install a socket on a drill and turn over at magneto bolt) while your looking inside the magneto at points for spark( do this indoors) if points aren't sparking check the point gap ,the gap should be set between, 0.35 to 0.45mm also, if points aren't clean clean them up you could also, brush the gap surface w/ a little piece of 220 grit sand paper 3 or 4 times just to clean up connection,(if burned or hole replace)

just over the point screw theres a notch that is used for setting gap. the way I, set is theres a notch on plate and notch on points I line up (w/piston TDC) the back of the point notch/right with the front/left of the plate notch using a screwdriver so each side screwdriver touches the front and back.

Re: 1980 puch wont start

well when i hold down the primer button the fuel never came out the over-flow hole and it is clean

the fuel pipe and filters are new

and i am getting spark but maby ill clean and set the points

my old spark-gap-checker only has numbers without

decimal points so what # should i set my plug at

i don't know the #s on it now and cant tell you till this Sunday because im away but ill try to get them

Re: 1980 puch wont start

ok to me this sounds like if everything is new down to the carb you should have fuel, and if you cleaned the carb you should be getting fuel but on a puch ive worked on when i took the small piece that attaches to the carb that you attach the fuel line too the bolt that goes through it has two holes in it, and they must be lined up with the hole on the fuel line otherwise fuel will not go through there, because if you are holding the primer down and no fuel is running out then its solved that you just arent gettin any fuel. when you cleaned the carb did you take off the float and the little plug that goes up in the hole that acts as a valve and when you put it back on did you attach it to the float or is it still just stuck up there blocking all the fuel. if you didnt take off the float then i suggest you do and take out the valve and take the bolt out and the part that the hose attaches to and blow through there with an air hose or just your mouth and make sure its cleaned out. this is where most of my problems have occured. ive also had a problem with a bad float bowl gasket and i would have to screw the bowl on so much that it would block all fuel from going up the jet


Gregory Mcintire /

Fuel will flow through a filter either way. The only reason to put in on a certain way (with the arrows if applicable) is so it won't plug up as easily. But, even that matters very little.

Re: 1980 puch wont start

Gregory Mcintire /

" has two holes in it, and they must be lined up with the hole on the fuel line otherwise fuel will not go through there"

The above is not true. The holes do NOT have to be lined up between the bolt the banjo fitting in order for fuel to flow through. Careful inspection will show this.

Re: 1980 puch wont start

well i just got back and am planning a party so ill clean and set the points in 3 days

Re: 1980 puch wont start

but i still dont see how installing then un-installing a gas filter can cause this

its mind boggling

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