someone MUST have an idea

my lx is very tempermental. one day it will fly but the next i dosn’t have full power and will cut out if i gas it all the way. then i’ll be riding it and all of a sudden full power will kick in. what the hell??? this is pissing me off a great deal since i haul my girl around a lot on it. (put a seat on the rack and made rear pegs out of t15 steel) please help. the exaust is clean, it’s not a vacume problem in the tank, i’m using the correct injector oil and have tried a new spark plug. oh and when it starts to run shitty it will idle a bit faster than usual.

Re: someone MUST have an idea

Jason Luther /

is there ever a major temperature differnece between it running good and it running bad?-jason

Re: someone MUST have an idea

nope. warm, cold, rain or shine it ALWAYS does the same thing. runs good... than runs like shit.

Re: someone MUST have an idea

Just my 2 cents from playing with ulltra light engines.

Sounds like an ignition break down.

If you drive at night and it happens try to see if the lights dim.If they do then the ignition is not getting enough voltage and you need to find out what is causing the interment break down

Re: someone MUST have an idea

The lights always dim though when you stop so you can't use the lights as a diagnostic.

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