PA50/Hobbit Voltage Regulator?

Hi - I've got a '78 and an '80 PA50. I'm trying to figure out how the voltage is regulated. Neither of these models have batteries (unless I am completely mental, which is possible) - so I assume there is a regulator somewhere that I can't find.

As it stands - when running - there is too much voltage going through to the headlight wiring - and it will certainly fry the new $35 headlight that I got from Honda.

I learned the hard way with a 3rd moped that I own, a '78 Honda Express - but I found out that I was simply missing my battery which is located under the seat. That makes sense, but I cannot figure out what the deal is with my PA50's!

Thanks - Rob K.

Re: PA50/Hobbit Voltage Regulator?

The generator on the PA 50 is AC. There is a diode rectifier that changes the voltage to DC for the ignition circuit only, all other electrical accessories are AC including lights and horn. Older PA 50's have no battery either, (early production 1981 and before. This is what mine is like), after that they had a battery but I dont know how they are wired to charge the batt. There is NO voltage regulator, as you notice when you rev the engine up the lights get brighter ,drop to idle lights are dim. I would check out the 30 OHM resister on your bike. It is mounted below the headlight behind the horn. it reduces the voltage so at top RPM so you don't get over voltage and fry all your accessories. Just test the resister with a OHM meter across the leads. It should be 30 OHMs.


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