Puch muffler, anything missing? see pic

The pic shows how the muffler looks from the rear. Is anything missing, or is this how they are supposed to look?

It's a '79 Puch Maxi 2. Thanks,



Re: Puch muffler, anything missing? see pic

that is correct sir

Re: Puch muffler, anything missing? see pic

Gregory Mcintire /

I cannot tell from your pictures. To be sure, if you remove the nut and washer(s) there should be a 1/2 inch diameter tube protruding out from the larger aluminum fixture. This tube will have a couple holes in the sides. I cannot see it in the pictures due to the angle of view but perhaps that tube is there.

Re: Puch muffler, anything missing? see pic

l@@KS good all there,

by L@@KING at your pic looks like you have the Gold Maxi-lux .(possible 2 speed )I'm guessing a '79 or '80 model, which came w/ the High Torque cylinder and head (#1 piston) and 12mm intake ports intake and carb 48 jet.your top speed stock is around 28 to 30 Mph,Nice ped.

Just a little info if you didn't know that already.

let me Know if I'm wrong.

I like to humor Myself.

Re: Puch muffler, anything missing? see pic

I'm trying to identify the exact model myself.

For pics, see ebay item 3680824109.

The bing carb number is 1/12/314, which according to info on the mopedarmy website, was used on the Sport MKII and Newport 2 HP main jet 56. It's not a sport anything because it does not have the long seat and the sport spokes. Based on the pics on the mopedarmy website, it is identical to the one listed as "1979 Puch Maxi II", stickers and all. It has no 'newport' label. It's not really important exactly what model it is, but if anyone can tell me exactly what name it was sold as, I'd like to know.

It was made in November '79 and has a 2HP engine.


Re: Puch muffler, anything missing? see pic

It is a Puch Maxi II, the carb may have been pulled from another bike, but the rest of the bike is a straight up Maxi II

Re: Puch muffler, anything missing? see pic

The only difference between the MKII sport and the Maxi MKII is the Sport came with,the sport package which is a Dbl. seat, luggage rack,and mag wheels. the MKII means it's a 2 speed transmission,also, they came w/ a 12mm HIGH RISE INTAKE to ID this intake on the inside under 12mm# theres a closed molded mount where the oil injection vac. nozzle would be on other oil injection models. it came w/ a 12mm carb ( which dosn't make sense to me? why, it would be listed as 2hp, must be the High Rise intake)also,it came on what Puch, called the High torque cylinder and head that has a 12mm intake,this cylinder (#1)has a cast sleave and what I call enclosed transfer ports,the #1 piston and rings differ then the #3, the 1st piston ring is an L shape design and is on the very top edge of the piston dome, this piston won't work right in the #3 cylinder ,but the #3 piston will work in the #1 cylinder. Go Figure! Anyhow, hope this little bit of info. helps you out. and wasn't able to sent out float today But,is boxed and ready to go tomorrow. Good Nite. The Ragstrecher

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