pedal crank play on batavus HS-50

Hi all

I've run into an interesting problem that some one may be able to help me out with. I was on a 30 mile ride on my '71 batavus hs-50 and I started to feel the chain start to feel like it was binding on the rear sprocket. Upon returning home I realized that the pedal crank assembly had almost a 1/2 inch play left to right! Feeling that this certainly was not normal I took it apart to inspect it. I found nothing seemed worn out; so why the excessive play?? The parts explosion which I have attached does not have any shimming to reduce play. It on;y has #55 needle bearings , #56 dust cap, #77 the tab nut, and the crank shaft #57.... My moped has 3 washers (see photo). I'm assuming these haeve been added at some point during the 33 odd years this moped has been around but I don't understand how the original design prevented play. Does anyone else share this problem or have any solutions on how to properly shim it?????

Thanks alot for any help!!!


PS it appears as though I can only attach one photo per posting so I'll attach another photo to the next posting.


Re: pedal crank play on batavus HS-50

Dr. Mantis Toboggan M.D. /

Hey Josh,

I'm having the same exact issue with my Batavus HS50. Did you ever solve this problem. If so, do tell.

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