Motobecane, air filter on or off

My Motobecane isnt idleing(at least after it warms up) so I took apart the carb and cleaned it, after I did that (twice) it still didnt idle and I lost about 5-8 mph off my top end, later I was riding it and my air filter box fell off, and the top end was alot better, but the confusing thing is that before I rebuilt the carb the air box fell off and it would die after a short while but now it only runs well without it?(still doesnt idle) I'm confused to say the least? any sug.?

Thanks Didgya

Re: Motobecane, air filter on or off

See Ya Moped Army /

You will eventually seize your motor if you run your moped without an airbox. You need to figure out the best jetting and air configuration for your bike and then set the points and timing to spec to get that Moby running the way it should.

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