My ped, ocassionaly, every now and then (but usually only when it is hot. running for 10 minutes or more and using top speeds), just starts running like crap. Maybe it lasts, for 10 seconds, maybe it lasts for 10 minutes, SEEMS to always get better though...

What happens is this, it will be running fine, and then wind down like it is missing, then it will catch again, maybe run for 3 seconds to wind back up, then down, puff, puff, fire, miss (I guess),

Seems like if I clutch it, it will pick back up again for a few (2 or 3) seconds, then crap out again... sometimes when it does this it will idle ok, die when I give it throttle, or run at really low throttle but die if I give it too much,

Earlier, What was weird was if I am running next to it on the sidewalk, giving it some throttle it seems to do OK, if I hop onto the bike it runs like crap again...

I am not sure really what is wrong with it... I havent done a plug chop or checked the plug or anything because it only did this once before, this is the second time (no tools with me today).

I think that the last time I filled it up, I put waaay too much oil in it, wont make that mistake again.

Anyway, someone let me know what they think is going on... fouled plug? Bad electrical system? Its really hard for me to tell because it is intermitant and I have never experienced this problem before, lots of stuff about peds is still new to me...

Thanks in advance,


Re: Missing?

Clean the carb and make sure you are running with the proper airbox restrictions...that will probably take care of it.

Re: Missing?

Randall F /

Just cleaned the carb (well, the top half of it) not long ago, the whole thing looked clean as a whistle. As for the airbox, I will go have a look...

...hrm, the airbox was popped open, not like all the way but it was not sealed... ganna go start it up and see what happens...

...seems to idle ok now, cant really run it for a stretch tho. Still ganna check that plug tonight.

I will keep an eye on that airbox though, guess if it was running on way too much air it might make it four stroke at every speed (until it gets enough gas in the chamber to fire).

Odd, when your thinking these problems through... it is always GCS (gas, compresson, or spark), I figured on it being spark, shows how little I still know :D



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