HELP! My moped wont start

Steve Vanderbor /

pretty basic, my moped wont start…..... i have no idea what the problem is if anyone could help, it would be appreciated

its a puch sport mk II, it ran all the time then i let it sit for like a week or 2 and it wouldnt start, it started for about five seconds and then stopped and i cant get it to go again, i have a spark and i just put a fresh tank of gas in it, and when it rains i dont know if it starts because i dont really ride it in the rain, how bout that? can you do anything with that? thanks

Re: HELP! My moped wont start

Go get a can of Starter Fluid at the autoparts store. Spray some into the carburetor air intake and try to start. If the engine starts and runs for a moment, you have a fuel delivery problem.

Maybe some filter or screen in the lines or in the carb or in the tank is clogged up.

If there's a drain on the carb, open the drain and see if fuel comes out. Disconnect the fuel line and see if fuel is flowing to that point.. If not, check the tank's filters or screens.

If you actually do have a good spark, the starter fluid will make it run for a second or two.

No start means either no fuel or no spark.

Re: HELP! My moped wont start

Jason Luther /

could it have flooded while sitting for a week? take the plug out, peddle like the 'dickens' for a while, clean the plug, put it back in and try it.-jason

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