screwed up the exhaust

I was putting the muffler on my moped when i over tighened the bolt and the head of the screw came off and the other piece to the screw is in the exaust header so i dont know how to get the other piece out.and my moped is louder now cause of it .the exaust is only being held on with 1 screw instead of 2 me.............................................................

Re: screwed up the exhaust

try a pair of vice grips on the stud. That should remove it.

Re: screwed up the exhaust

Pipe wrench works very good on studs if you have room


Re: screwed up the exhaust

get a tap... sharpen it ... punch the broken stud off center... and then hit the tap with a hammer in a counter clockwise direction till it's far enough out to unscrew it by hand.

Re: screwed up the exhaust

Hammering a steel stud doesn't really excite me.

The best way is to let the engine cool down (COLD).

Then use a small hand held torch and heat the aluminum around the stud.

This will expand the metal around the broken stud and make it looser.

Then get a small pipe wrench or some top quality channel lock pliers that really bite and don't slip.



Re: screwed up the exhaust

Marc Dimmitt /

If you can't get a wrench or pliers on whats left of the stud - file the end flat, center punch it, drill it out and use a reverse thread screw extractor (if you buy a good one it will come with the right size drill bit). You will need a tap handle for the extractor. The heat the aluminium part works here as well.

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