Honda PA50II mirrors needed

Hi, I have a 1979 Honda PA50II That I just purchased and I need at least 1 mirror. Also need a speedometer with cable. Used is ok but working a must. Question, is there an easy way to make them faster without dumping in lost of money? Is there an easy way to clean the carb? It keeps stalling and won't idle, I think its flooding.


Re: Honda PA50II mirrors needed

i use one of those bicycle mirrors that plugs into the end of the handlebar tube. The metal tube is thicker than on a bicycle and the plastic mirror mount had to be trimmed a little to get it in the hole..

It will go faster if you change that muffler with just about any free-flowing exhaust pipe.. it will get loud but it will likely go about 5 to 8 mph faster with no other modifications.

There's no easy way to clean a carburetor. Stalling and flooding might be a float adjustment. Might be bad fuel flow.. might be vacuum leaks around the manifold.. I would take the time to pull the carb and find the problem and fix it.

The easiest way to get to the carb is to remove that large pivot bolt in the front of the engine. The engine will drop to the floor. Now remove the four intake manifold screws and remove the carb. First, disconnect all nearby cables and wires and lines that are routed through the engine area.. Decompression cable, throttle cable, rear brake cable, fuel line, condenser wire, sparkplug wire, etc..

Have a buddy hold the bike while you remove the bolt and lower the engine.. slowly. Watch carefully for any wires, lines or cables that you forgot to disconnect.

When you put the engine back up, do it before reconnecting any cables. Then re-route the cables and wires so they don't have to be disconnected the next time you lower that engine.

Re: Honda PA50II mirrors needed

Bill Kieger /

Thanks a ton, say do you have a spare rear brake cable and assorted attachments that are needed to attach it to the back drum brake lever? Thanks in advance(All I have is a brake lever on the bars and the lever on the drom with nothing else. Are the brake shoes expensive and hard to replace?


Re: Honda PA50II mirrors needed

i searched for months and managed to find a couple of parts-bikes, and although i do have spare parts for my bike i dont have enough stuff to sell anything. Thousands of these old bikes are laying around in junkyards and salvage yards.. just gotta find one.

Cables are cables and whatever you can find or make that is long enough will do the job. The end of that brake cable is has a threaded thing for the adjustment screw. A barrel fits the arm cutout and the adjustment nut is at the end.. This cable is just like the cable on another Honda bike i have. Some research at the parts counter might find you a cable from a Honda bike that will cross over to yours. Many PA50 parts are still available through Honda.

Shoes may also be available through Honda.. give them a call.. Replacement is easy.

It may be possible to re-tread the brakes you already have. I've not done it but i remember threads where people have said they have done it. You might get answers if you start a new thread with "Brake Relining" as the topic.

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