puch keeps fouling plugs

i have a 1980 puch maxi luxe and the spark plugs keep fouling and its making it really hard to start

im running at a 50:1 gas mix

today i couldn't even get it to run at all

and its getting me pist

whats wrong

i hate to do plug chops because a plug cost me $3.17

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

your getting to much fuel/a rich mix of fuel and air.

more air or smaller jet should help,I'd try more air.

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

well do i have to get a smaller jet or can i just add more oil to the mix?

i dont see why i need to change the jet i never changed the motor or carb, its all stock.

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

Adding more oil to the mix will just make it worse... when he says fuel he means whats in your gas tank not gasoline...

Weather temperature, relative humidity, altitude, can all have effects on fuel/air mix.

Try opening up that airbox a little bit to lean it out some, that should help.

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

Try these things

Drill a couple of 3/8" holes toward back of air cleaner.

Move clip on top of throttle needle valve to top notch.

Try cleaning and setting your points to .020

Could be points need replacing. Also replace condenser at the same time.

Mix your premix in a gas container, not in your gas tank. 2.5 ounces to 1 gal of gas. Oil goes in can first, then gas.

Drain your gas tank of old gas, flush the tank, fill with new premix

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

Gregory Mcintire /

You don't mention your brand of oil. Some oils such as synthetic 2-stroke oils work extremely well in so far as not fouling plugs. There are other oils that are quite poor by comparison. Are you using 2-stroke oil?

If it is running clean, i.e. not four-stroking then carburetion (jetting) is not likely to be your problem. That motor should not foul plugs unless something is very wrong, such as an extrememly weak spark, possibly due to timing being way off or ignition components or wiring being defective.

Another possibility is that it could be sucking transmission oil into the crannkcase through the right side crank seal. This could cause plug fouling and would also cause the transmission oil to become depleted. Check your oil level in the tranny.

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

Jason Luther /

my maxi will foul a plug every couple of hundred miles. usually after ive been idleing at a light or something, when i take off it will stall. how long should plugs last? i use synthetic oil too.-jason

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

well my plug only lasted 10 minutes

but Gregory, you said it might be a seal

so replacing all of the seals would fixvthis if this is the problem?

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

Gregory Mcintire /

I have never fouled a plug in close to 10,000 miles. About 8500 miles was with the E50 (1-speed) and the rest was with the 2-speed Puch motor.

In fact, for about half of those miles I was using a surface gap spark plug. They have an extremely cold heat range rating. Cold heat range = easy plug fouling but I never even fouled the surface gap plug. Its ceramic insulator would be basically black, but it never failed. I use a synthetic oil (Royal Purple) mixed at 60:1

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

im useing a 25;1 mix with sears craftsman oil.

i know its not the best, maby ill try somthing different.

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

if you get a strong spark, you might be able to widen the spark plug gap a little.. This will help if it's oil or fuel fouling on globules of oil or fuel.

Also try changing to a hotter plug.

But try to find the root cause of the problem. Running rich? Float level slightly too high? Dirty carb spitting big drops of fuel into the engine?

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

i cleaned the carb twice now

but i still can't get it to run

its acting like its not getting fuel or somthing

i just tryed to start it but it only poped and that was it (on second plug).

i had it running 4 five-ten munutes one time then thats when it fouled its 1st plug

after that i got another plug and it wont start at all

plug #1:NGK B6HS in a red box

plug #2: NKG B6HS in a yellow box

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

Well holy crap man, start running 50:1, the reason your plugs are foul is because you are using WAY TOO MUCH OIL!!!

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

Gregory Mcintire /

On your first post you said you were using a 50:1 mix and now you say its 25:1. Doubling the amount of oil in your gas is going to contribute to plug fouling, not reduce it.

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

sorry im typing on my new dell palm

im useing a 50:1 mix

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

How many ounces of 2 stroke oil to 1 gal of gas?

The Sears oil sounds like it is made for chain saws and weed eaters. Get a better grade of oil at a motorcycle shop, synthetic is best, about a buck more per qt, but worth it.

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

i do have another type of 2-stroke oil.

Its a orange and black bottle that says premium synthetic blend.

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

OK good. Now get a proper clean gas container, put in 2.5 ounces of that synthetic 2 stroke oil and then fill the container with 1 gal of gas. Now drain your tank of the current premix and refill with your new premix and take her for a test ride of about 10 minutes and then stop and do a plug chop to see if you have a toasty tan/brown spark plug tip.

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

Mitch Buchannon /

I have a 1978 Maxi-Luxe that was fouling plugs quickley as well. It turned out that my exhaust was completely clogged. I cleaned it thoroughly and haven't had a problem since then. So maybe try cleaning your exhaust. Good luck.

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

i cant see the fuel causing this because ive rode it for a long time with this other mix

il try cleaning my exhaust

but my pipe is bent a little at the end so its hard to get the baffle in and out

its acting like its not getting fuel and i know there is rust in my tank so ill clean out the fuelvalve tomarow

any tips on how to open the fuelvalve to clean it?

Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

Mitch Buchannon /

You can unscrew the petcock (fuel valve) with an open end wrench or a pair of pliers. Just make sure that you drain the tank first or you'll have gasoline everywhere.

After you take it out, you can pull the screen of and blow them out with compressed air. Some auto parts stores also sell a nasty chemical that you can run through your gas tank to get the rust out. You might want to try that.


Re: puch keeps fouling plugs

well maby ill replace the petcock since i have another one

but i looked at it and the filter screens don't come off

Re: Flandria Bermuda 1976 keeps fouling plugs

Keeps fouling plugs


Re: Flandria Bermuda 1976 keeps fouling plugs

> Eric Harrington Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Keeps fouling plugs

You are tagging a 16 year old thread .

I guess you're simply reaffirming the fact that Puchs keep fouling plugs .

If that's suppose to be some kind of request , start your own thread ?

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