Garelli problems!!!

i have a 72 garelli gran sport, and it was running now its stopped. doesnt seem to be getin a spark? the plug is brand new. would my coil be shot? or what are my other options i should be lookin for? thanks.

Re: Garelli problems!!!

About a thousand things could have happened to the bike to make it stop..

Without some clues and recent history about exactly what happened around the time when it stopped, someone is going to have to write the thousand reasons.

Reading that long list of possibilities is not going to help you much.

You aren't sure about if it gets spark or not? Why aren't you sure?

You have a new spark plug? How come?

Re: Garelli problems!!!

i know i doesnt have spark, and i got a new spark plug because the old one was horrible (from 1972)/ it did run very well, until today.

Re: Garelli problems!!!

I'm going to save some time here and eliminate the next three messages with a single message. I hope you don't mind.

It ran very well until today? What happened today?

"It stopped running!"

Thats interesting.. Did anything unusual happen wehn it stopped?

"No, it just died"

Did the spark plug wire fall off?

"No, it didn't"

Can you provide some clues that might help diagnose the problem?

Re: Garelli problems!!!

Gregory Mcintire /

The most common things to cause the loss of spark on magneto ignition systems with 'points' are:

1) fouled spark plug (can happen in short order if mixture is too rich and/or using too much oil and other reasons)

2) loose wires from magneto to coil or elsewhere in the harness

3) kill switch wires touching frame or handlebars etc.

4) kill switch or key switch defective

5) points not opening (this is only common when the bike has set for ages, gets put back in service, then the accumulated rust on the points cam wears the points' rubbing block rapidly)

The least common things to fail are:

1)coil (coils rarely fail on magneto/points systems)



Re: Garelli problems!!!

Troy Weisenmiller /

ok, here it is, ive been helpin workin on this bike the past few days. it ran fine yesterday. we put on a new clutch cable, and its workin fine, we also put a new gasket on the transmission case, cause it was leakin, thats fine now too.

but it was ridden several times last night, workin great.

then the moped was stopped, then when tried to start again it wouldnt.

today, there is gas in the moped, compression is good. no spark is comin at all!

so what could happen over a short time frame to do this?


Re: Garelli problems!!!

Absolute sudden-stop-no-spark points to a wiring problem. Fuel problems give you some kinda warning.. Wiring problems happen all of a sudden.

My first guess is a wire connection . Since you guys went deep into the engine you musta moved a lot of wires around.. triple check all connections especially the ones you cant see.. like tug on everything to make sure it's really connected.

Another thing is some wire might be misrouted and got burnt and grounded or got pinched and finally broke or grounded.

I dont suspect a mechanical or electronics problem.. it's a wire.

Re: Garelli problems!!!

I'm gonna have to agree with ya joe.

99 % of the time, when something fails, I find a problem in the area I was last working in.

So in this case, I would check around the areas you were working with... mainly the handlebar region and areas around the transmission cases where wiring enters/leaves.

Make sure everything is snug and all the wiring is intact (no open shorts, etc.).

A multimeter with a continuity tester on it will be a godsend in this case. Troy probably has access to one, but if not, you can get em for between 10-20 $.

Re: Garelli problems!!! New plug

Leon Swarmer /

did you try putting the old plug back in?

did you properly gap the new one?

If you ground the side of the plug to the fins and spin the engine do you see spark there?

did anyone accidenlty ground out the kill switch?

Re: Garelli problems!!! New plug

yes we tried ground the side of the plug to the fins and saw no spark. there is no kill switch, its just the wire that supposed to go in the kill switch. you have to ground it manually by connecting it to the handlebar when you want to shut off the engine. i have the kill switch but i need a piece to attach it to the handlebar. (another problem)... but at least i know its not that...

Re: Garelli problems!!!

Troy Weisenmiller /

oh yea, for got to mention!

when tryin to start, everything sounds good, jsut doesnt want to turn over, and headlight and tail lights come on while peddling. so at least something electrical is working there, jsut not causin the spark to come one.

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