Spark Plug wire to short

Chip Spence /

Any ideas on how to make it longer?

Re: Spark Plug wire to short

Move the coil closer to the plug.

you could try and put a new wire on there- some coils will let you, some won't.

Re: Spark Plug wire to short

Gregory Mcintire /

To lengthen a plug wire it is best to replace it if your coil's wire is replaceable. If not, get a new piece of wire and join it to the flush cut end of the existing wire by poking a small diameter pin about an inch long, half way into the old and half into the new wire. Then slip a short piece of flexible vinyl tubing over both. But first smear silicone glue/caulk over the joint. The silicone will keep water out and is also an excellent electrical insulator. Choose a size of tubing which will fit very snugly (the silicone will help it slide on) and it will be fairly secure once the silicon sets up.

You could slip rubber tubing over the joint (with silicon) but be sure to check the tubing first. Some rubber tubing is actually electrically conductive, at least slightly (high resistance). It is made this way on purpose to reduce static electricity buildup which can be caused by some fluids running through them.

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