Engine stopped in middle of riding

I am a new owner of a 78 inidan moped. It only has 1500 original miles and had been running great. I was riding last night and the engine stopped while riding it. After looking at potential problems I noticed the spark plug had corroded and no longer seemed to be working. Question is would this cause the engine to stop running after it was started and how would you advise fixing the connection cable to the spark plug which corroded off? Any help would be great appreciated.

Re: Engine stopped in middle of riding

Leon Swarmer /


first off, sure! corrrosion on a plug/plug wire can make it stop in the middle of a run...gotta be good spark or you are dead in the water. Second off you are bit vague. Is it the pug or the wire that is coroded? if it is the plug you could sand off the corrsion and prolly be ok, but they are cheap and easy to change, I'd go ahead and replace it (after gapping the new one correctly).

If it is the plug wire, check and see where the other end mounts to the coil. Does it plug in or have screw on connectors? I'd want to replace that. Take the old wire to a good cycle or mower shop.

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