Alignment of Tomos Pedals?

Matthew Yeah /

I have begun reassembling everything, and I just realized that my pedals are only about 25 degrees apart from each other, rather than 90 degrees. I THINK I know what my problem is, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

I have only been able to remove one of the pedals, as the other pedal pin will not budge. I think it way have been shoved in wrong, and then tightened down in the wrong place.

Got any suggestions as to how to get it out? I've tried using a rubber mallet and a punch, but it won't budge.

Also, could there be something else wrong with it? I mean, the arm that the pedals mount to is a solid bar, right? It couldn't be out of alignment, could it?



Re: Alignment of Tomos Pedals?

spray WD40 on it and let it sit. Whack the threaded end of the pin with a hammer and a block of hardwood. I put the nut at the top of the threads to protect them... may as well plan on bending the pin and having to replace it.

The crank has deep grooves, 180 degrees apart for the tapered pins. If the pedals arms are way off pointing 180 degrees from each other, something is messed up bad..

just try to not bend the crank.. the other stuff can be swapped with bicycle pedal stuff.

Re: Alignment of Tomos Pedals?

Gregory Mcintire /

They are supposed to be 180 degrees apart from each other, not 90 or anything else!

One of the pins you are trying to remove should face one way while the other pin faces the other way. For instance, assuming you have the left hand pedal arm straight up and the ring arm straight down. (that is 180 degrees apart) the left pin may face forward or backward. The right pin should face just the opposite way as the left pin.

Forget the rubber hammer. Use a brass hammer if you have one, otherwise a steel hammer. Put the nut on first, but not tightened, to hopefully protect the threads. Hammer till it comes loose. They can be extremely tight. You may have to replace the pin.

Re: Alignment of Tomos Pedals?

Alternate hitting the pin, first a whack on the non threaded side, then a whack on the threaded side. Repeat.

Re: Alignment of Tomos Pedals?

The pin that holds the pedal arm on needs to be driven in further before it can be driven out. Give the rounded end of the pin a view good whacks with a hamer, and then try to drive it out by smacking the threaded side.

This is counter intuitive, but it works. I think what hapens is that the pin becomes coroded to the shaft and will not budge, well at least not easaly. Driving it in further breaks that bond so that the pin will move when you try to drive it out.

I have found that this methoud works even on the most stuborn crank pin.

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