Help! Malaguti

I've been using my Malaguti Phantom F12 flawlewssly for a couple of years. Just as the local dealer and repairshop pulled out of town (Ann Arbor, Michigan) it suddenly has trouble keeping acceleration. I'm no mechanic, but would be willing to try anything myself as I cannot find a mechanic who will look at it.

So if you know a local mechanic that would be solution #1.

If not, here is the problem as I experience it and I apologize the lack of correct wording: starts just fine, slow speeds just fine., When I max out, it's like the gas is not pumping through consistently, so it slows down, the revs go down, etc., It doesn't hiccup, there is no phyiscal manifistation except slower speed and volume.

I'll also post on the general forum in case there is a local mechanic. THanks a lot.

Re: Help! Malaguti

Leon Swarmer /

Check for dirty fuel filter(s).

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