Float is sticking.

It seems to be all clean.

What should I do!

Re: Float is sticking.

sticking.. does that mean it is stuck open and leaking? or is it stuck closed and the float bowl won't fill..

Most (?) float needles have a viton tip.. its a type of plastic, similar to Teflon. Take a close look at yours with a strong magnifying glass and see if it's damaged.. creased or scratched or dented or whatever. If so, a new needle is the cure.

Make sure that what appears to be clean is actually clean and that the problem is not caused by a float that doesn't float or by some other mechanical problem that prevents the needle from seating properly..

Re: Float is sticking.

See Ya Moped Army /

Dan, if you're referring to your Motobecane, the float needle tip is metal. Make sure the tip of the needle is perfectly straight and not bent or anything. This would prevent it from seating properly and could cause it to get stuck in it's seat. Also make sure that the sharp side of the needle is pointing up toward the carb lid.

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