Tire Tubes

Nancy Galluzzo /

I am a new Motobecane owner and new to the moped world...I need tubes and the tube I have says 2-17, but stores seems to only carry 2.25 x17...Does this work also?

Re: Tire Tubes

You have a 17 inch by 2 inch innertube? I've never seen one. The 2.25 seems very common and i use that on my 2.75 tires and no problems.. the innertubes just balloon out to fill the space.

What is the size of your tire? It'll be stamped somewhere on the tire itself.

I think 17 inch tires come in 4 widths. 2, 2.25, 2.50 and 2.75

There may be more, like a 3 inch (?) I've never seen a 2 inch.

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