My Moby(50) top speed prob.


I was having idle problems with my Motobecane 50, after I rebuilt(cleaned) the carb the idle is working better but my top speed has reduced 8 mph, I rebuilt it again, same problem. should I see if the points need re-gaped,cleaned and the float in the carb, does the sharp point go down or up in the carb. Any advice would be appreciated!


Re: My Moby(50) top speed prob.

Did this reduced top-speed thing all happen after you cleaned the carb? If so ... well.. it's probably related to tthe carb.

May as well check the points and do some normal tune up procedures while you've got your hands dirty.

That sharp point (??) you speak of must be the adjustment tab on the float.. That tab will hit a stop on the carb casting when the float is right-side-up and the hinge pin is in place.

Re: My Moby(50) top speed prob.

See Ya Moped Army /

The pointy side of the float needle should point to the top of the carb.

Re: My Moby(50) top speed prob.

Yeah after I cleaned the carb, is when it started acting up, I was going to try checking the points, thanks

Re: My Moby(50) top speed prob.

Thanks that helps alot!

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