Losing Compression/other issues

Well, upon actually looking at the bike idiling, I noticed that I am losing compression out of the head gasket, I see a 'pop' every now and then and a puff of exhause exit the engine around that area, and my muffler, ugh, the join about 1/5 the way down from the engine is where all of the exhaust is escaping.

Someone stole the nut off of my muffler, Im going to go now and try to see what size it is :(

As for the head, One of the bolts seems to not be turning at all, like it will turn on the post but wont come off, not sure if it will tighten either... Any suggestions for that?

Please help :)


Re: Losing Compression/other issues

suggestion? Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty:) Sounds like you have a snapped head bolt. Remove the other 3 and pull the head off and .. and deal with whatever the problem is.

Hopefully the threads aren't stripped and the broken bolt can be grabbed with a vicegrip, removed and replaced. Otherwise go to the autoparts store and ask about "helicoils" to repair the threads.

Muffler leaks can be stopped with different stuff, also at the autoparts store, but fixing whatever is actually wrong with that joint is better.

Re: Losing Compression/other issues

Randall F /

Well, I think i fixed the engine thing by tightening the other bolts, and also it seems to run perfectly normally when everything heats up, i guess the head is causing expansion of the metal parts and sealing up the gaskets...

maybe time for that performance exhaust tho :|

Re: Losing Compression/other issues

Jason Luther /

if it werent for the fact that performance exhausts are so ugly id probably buy one. the nut, by the way, is the same size nut (i think) as your head bolt nuts, and your intake manifold nuts (10mm).-jason

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