'78 Pa50II problems...

My bike was boggin out at full throttle. I took apart the carb and cleaned it. I have steady fuel and a spark. When I spray ignitor fluid into the air intake, pedal and open the throttle the bike starts and immediately dies. I've tried ebery combo of the intake and throttle screws. Why will it only ignite with a spray of starter fluid?

Joe w, any insight :) ?


Re: '78 Pa50II problems...

Bogging at full throttle is one thing.. using Starter Fluid to start it is another. Are you having problems starting or running at full throttle or both?

if it starts with Starter Fluid and immediately dies.. what can i say? You _still_ have a fuel delivery problem.

This could be related to the bogging at high RPM, like for instance if the mixture is very rich. Kill the engine when it's bogging and pull the plug and look at it.. Crank the engine to start it, pull the plug and look at it..

See if it's dripping wet with fuel or something. Maybe your float level is way too high or too low..

Everything still points to fuel delivery /carburation probelms so concentrate on that.

Re: '78 Pa50II problems...

the thing runs with Starter Fluid because that stuff is pure ether.. Extremely flamable vapor.. extreem.. i wouldn't bet against it's ability to burn under water..

Re: '78 Pa50II problems...

I got the bike and it rode smoothly. It started diein on me unexpectedly (but started up again fine) Right before I took the carb apart I had the problem of the ped not running at full speed. Now that it's all together again it won't start at all. I took the fuel line of the carb w/ the petcock on the "on" position, and the fuel ran right out. This is why I think the fuel is getting to the carb. It's really hard being a newbie at all this and not having anyone around who knows about engines. I guess I'll take the carb apart again but I checked and triple checked to make sure it went back together correctly.

So to answer your question yes, I have both starting and running at full throttle problems. But not in that order. I cleaned the carb because of the not running at full throttle and now it won't start.




Re: '78 Pa50II problems...

I have tried to thoroughly clean a carb and have failed more than once. You have my sympathy if this is the problem.

lets see.. You know you have fuel flow up to the end of the fuel line. Beyond that point, you cannot be sure.

There's a way to see if fuel is actually entering the float bowl without dropping the #@&^*! engine again and removing the carb. Remove the right side cover, turn the pedals to just the right point and stick a flat screwdriver straight through a hole in the sprocket, and through a little hole in the frame.

At the bottom of the carb's float bowl is a drain screw. (Use a flashlight to see where it is) Back that screw out a couple turns and fuel should flow out of the rubber drain hose and onto the floor.

Find the end of that drain hose and put it in a tin can and drain several ounces. If fuel continues to come out of that drain, you can be sure the carb is getting fuel through the float needle and it's seat. Tighten that drain screw.

If you have flow to the bowl and no fuel leaks, the moving parts of the carburetor were cleaned and assembled properly and are functioning.

Do that little exercise and come back here with the results.

Re: '78 Pa50II problems...

I'll try that, unfortunately it's raining today and I have no garage! Thnx again for the help!


Re: '78 Pa50II problems...

Make SURE that when that carb is assembled the little drain tube on the carb bowl is on the right. It can go on both ways. My guess you have reinstalled it 180 deg out and the drain port and tube face left. Turn it so it points to the right.

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