Lost Key - QT50

Hey all..

my QT50 is very basic... no lights, no battery...

me & the kids just have fun putting around on it.

THe key is LOST.

I took the ignion down out of the box.. thinking I could just twist a wire together or something..

no dice.. there are six wires and I've no idea which one is what.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd be perfectly content just putting a toggle switch in place of where the key is.. but I've no idea which wires to wire to what side, etc..


Re: Lost Key - QT50

are there numbers on front of the switch? if there are take the numbers to a locksmith and they can cut you one, it doesn't cost too much

Re: Lost Key - QT50

generally speaking, there are only two wires in an ignition switch that are important as far as getting the engine running. The other wires will do things like activate the headlights or whatever. Without a diagram to follow it might be hard to guess which ones.

But some of these switches are easy to disassemble. The front "key" part is the mechanical half and the rear switch part is the electrical half..

On my bike, not a QT50, once the switch is removed and accessible, the front part can be unclipped from the rear. Just a few plastic tabs hold the switch together. Once the two halves of the switch are separated, a screwdriver can turn the rear part to the 'run' position.

Re: Lost Key - QT50

good info guys..


Re: Lost Key - QT50

Hi Scott

I recently lost my key to a QT 50. If you find out how to hot wire it please forward that info to me. I hope all is well otherwise.




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