any suggestions?

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I am the proud new owner of a 1981 vespa si that i culled from a trash cleanup pile by my house. the moped is all there except for the variator and the engine/crankcase/carb. i am guessing they pulled the engine out and never got around to putting it back in. who knows. anyway, can anyone out there direct me on what and where to buy a good engine and variator for this bike? i have been looking at these polini parts but i do not know what fits what bikes (if only i could speak italian or dutch) i am willing to spend about $500 or so, and i would like the moped to go at least 40mph (if possible) anybody know of a place to get a beastly engine for this moped?


Re: any suggestions?

Congratulations on your find. I may have most if not all of the parts you need. I am in Cupertino in the Bay Area.

Send me an email and I'll help you develop a list of what you need and see if I supply the parts you need.

If you can send pictures of the bike from front, back and each side that will help me determine what you have and what you need.

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