it dont idol

how do you get it top idol

Re: it dont idol

I would answer your question but I dont know anything about your bike or, really, even what you are talking about.

You take a large ammount of stone or jewels, and some concrete and build them up to form the top of your IDOL.

I really HATE to be rude, especially around here, but today alone I have seen at least three wrong spellings (idol, idel, idil) of I-D-L-E

Im sorry for being the grammar police, but honestly people!

Re: it dont idol

He may be building a shrine in which case his spelling would be correct.

OK Brad you want to share with us the brand of moped related to your question?

Re: it dont idol

While we are on the subject..

you wouldn't be the _Grammar Police_ .. you would be a _Spell Nazi_

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Oh oh, ok. Gotcha now, spelling nazi's eh? Hail Brad!...?

Eh, yeah.


I dont wanna be a spelling nazi anymore this sucks.

Re: it dont idol

Martin Boulianne /

Well i'de like to say thanks for telling me how to spell IDLE!!



Re: it dont idol

1973 sparta buddy how to make it idle sorry about spelling

Re: it dont idol

hey brad.. pay no attention to that conversation.. It's Saturday night and at least 4 of us are drunk..

Anyway, you can adjust the idle by warming the engine, and making two (or one) simple adjustments to screws on the carburetor.

So, first tell us what kinda bike you have, model and year, and someone can give specific instructions..

Re: it dont idle

1973 sparta buddy

Re: it dont idle

I cant find a pic of a Sparta Buddy.. here's a 1972 Spartamatic. Is it like this?

Use that page to go through the Sparta pix and see if one is similar to your bike.

btw, can you see the carburetor and read the name on the carb?

Hopefully someone familiar with a Sparta Buddy will save the hassle of guessing about this..

Re: it dont idle all the carb says is 85/12/101 A it also has a symbol with a b on it

Re: it dont idle

all the carb says is 85/12/101 A it also has a symbol with a b on it

Re: it dont idle

Use google image search to search for carburator or moped carburator, car-bur-ator? meh. Yeah, find a pic online someplace that matches what yours looks like.

Re: it dont idle

Does this look like your carburetor?

Re: it dont idle


Re: it dont idle

If your engine is healthy ( especially no vacuum leaks, clean carburetor and good fuel flow ) a smooth idle is possible.

There is a screw sticking out the side of the carb. It has a spring around it. From what i can see in that crappy picture it looks like it is the idle speed screw. Screw it in and it lifts the slide. (round cylinder thing that drops into the carburetor's throat ) Screwing it in raises the idle speed. Screw it out and the slide drops, closing the throat and slowing the idle speed.

Start off by screwing it in all the way. (Careful.. dont screw it in hard ) Next back the screw out about 2 1/2 turns.

Next get the engine nice and hot by riding a couple miles.

Stop and adjust the idle speed screw so the idle is as low as possible without the engine dying. Test it on the road and adjust it again if the engine dies or is idling too fast..

I do not see an idle air mixture screw. I don't think there is one on that carb.

Re: it dont idle

thanks do u know where the points are

Re: it dont idle

do you know where your flywheel is? it is on the end of the crankshaft, on the (right?) side of the motor, most likely under a metal cover.

Remove the cover and the flywheel should be there. There should be holes in the flywheel so you can see inside and adjust the point set. There will be magnets and coils of wire and stuff in there..

Re: it dont idol

im drunk as fucl

Re: it dont idol


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